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Enjoy the pleasure of eating. Have a nice meal with family or friends at the restaurant. Impressive list to choose from: local food, traditional meals, gastronomic stops, family and fast food restaurants, something for everyone. Top it with the legendary Beauce welcoming and your evening is a success!

  • Bistros & Pubs & Cafés Bistros & Pubs & Cafés

    Enjoy the good weather and awesome terraces. Have a small glass of rosé in a relaxing atmosphere. A beer with friends maybe.

  • Chain Restaurants Chain Restaurants

    You prefer a familiar menu, many chain restaurants are just around the corner. With family or friends, everyone will find its favourite food.

  • Family Restaurant Family Restaurant

    Spacious and welcomming, our restaurants serve diversified dishes sure to please all the family. High quality products at reasonable prices.

  • Gastronomy and Fine Cuisine Gastronomy and Fine Cuisine

    Epicureans won't be disappointed. La Beauce has plenty of restaurants serving sophisticated meals prepared by excellent Chefs. Local and foreign flavours for a unique eating experience.

  • Snack Bars & Dairy Bars Snack Bars & Dairy Bars

    In a hurry, you want a quick lunch, try one of the many snack bars or dairy bars for a treat.

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Destination Beauce
11509, 1re Avenue
Saint-Georges, Québec, Canada
G5Y 2C7
Phone : 418 386-4499
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