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A Break in Beauce!

A Break in Beauce!

December 26, 2012

Both information centres in Saint-Georges and in Sainte-Marie are opened during the Holidays. Please see Contact Us for the schedule. Do not hesitate to contact us for information on things to do and places to stay.

If your rather, you can browse our Website and find many interesting activities to do at this time of the year in Beauce.

Discover our attractions and activities : La Beauce is a dream spot for those who like action, sports and outdoor activities. Some museums, interpretation centres are opened and shopping is always an option. You also like to ride around freely? No problem, even in the wintertime you will see breathtaking scenery!

Dress up warmly and get ready for a day of winter fun ! In Beauce, winter activities are numerous. Put on your caps and mittens and take out your skis and snowshoes ! Did you know that the aerial park is open even in wintertime ? Why not go fishing with the kids in January ? Be unusual ! Enjoy fully winter by taking your family and friends outdoors. Great memories can be made in wintertime.

Stormy days are dull... not necessarily, here are ideas to brighten them up : Bowling, children's indoor amusement park, movies, pool tables. Entertainment for everyone, young and old.

For information on snowmobiling and trail conditions visit Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches' Website.

Have fun in Beauce this winter!

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