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Snow-Fest in Saint-Victor

Snow-Fest in Saint-Victor

January 18, 2013

Once again this year, many activities are scheduled for everyone to rediscover the joys of winter.

On February 9 at the library, magicians Billy and Manu present a show at 9:30 followed by a workshop for the children, RSVP. At 1:30 in the afternoon, sleigh ride, RSVP before january 30th at 418 588-5583.

February 10, scrapbooking workshop at the library Bibliothèque Luc Lacoursière from 8 am to 12:30 noon. Register by contacting Cindy at 418 588-2717.

February 15, Maison des Jeunes presents a camp fire and fireworks. 

February 16, disco on ice at the arena Stade des Bâtisseurs, also figure skating show, maple fondue tasting, various funny competitions on ice, draws, etc. 

February 17 at 10 in St-Victor Catholic church don't miss Messe des Neiges. Déjeuner des Neiges breakfast at Chevaliers de Colomb Hall between 8:30 and 12 noon. At 1 pm, Bingo des Fermières at Salle des Festivités. In the afternoon snowshoeing rallye, skating in the arena, sliding, etc., snow sculpture competition 418 588-5583 or 418 588-6854 to register.  

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