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This summer, bike through Beauce!

This summer, bike through Beauce!

July 13, 2016

Bike with complete peace of mind in the Beauce area partly along the Chaudière River, partly through welcoming towns and villages; be ready for panoramic views and parks!

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In the North, the Véloroute de la Chaudière, New-Beauce portion spans 46 km. For the first 26 kilometers, from Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon to Scott, the Véloroute is formed of a designated roadway and paved shoulder. The paved part of the bike path (20 km) goes through the towns of Scott and Sainte-Marie, where a stop to the eco-park Domaine Taschereau - Parc nature is imperative, and then up to Vallée-Jonction, once a major railway crossroad.

In the South, the Véloroute de la Chaudière, Sentier des Jarrets noirs portion is just as spectacular. It spans 20 kilometers of paved road. This trail stands out from the others because it links parks from the Beauce-Sartigan area. It goes through the park of the Perrault Covered Bridge in Notre-Dame-des-Pins, the Seigneurie Estate, the Sept-Chutes Park and the Sartigan Dam Park in Saint-Georges. With this véloroute, you will enjoy the view of the Chaudière River in all its glory as well as breathtaking Beauce landscapes.

These two trails, both part of the Route Verte #6, provide you with all the services you need to enjoy an unforgettable ride.

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Bike through towns and villages offering a wide array of services: food, stops, tourist attractions and entertainment.

Cyclists, hikers, runners and in-line skaters are welcome!

Cyclists by the river in Valley-JonctionCyclists resting by the riverCyclists between St-Georges and Notre-Dame-des-Pins

Photo Credit (first 2): Michel Julien.


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