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Centre de ski de Saint-Georges – Vélo de montagne
Summer Outdoor Activities

Centre de ski de Saint-Georges – Vélo de montagne

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The City of Saint-Georges is proud to unveil, in partnership with Vélo de montagne Mont Saint-Georges and Les déroutés mountain bike club, its mountain bike trails at the Saint-Georges ski station and surrounding properties. The Saint-Georges ski station is the perfect place for mountain biking on the city’s territory.

With over 15 km of trails distributed over 8 trails, mountain bike enthusiasts will surely have a great time! Three trails are dedicated to downhill and the others are cross-country trails, which means bikers can use them both to bike uphill and downhill.

Those trails are free and everyone’s welcome.

The Vélo Mont Saint-Georges organization has liability insurance for users. Two bike clubs train regularly on these trails: Les déroutés, as well as the youth from the Beauce Biking Club.

Trail maps will be available soon. You’ll find the trail system online in the trail directory at

Also, a bike wash provided by Rocky Mountain is accessible on site at any time.

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Taxi-bus: 2040


2800, 107e Rue, Saint-Georges (Québec) G5Y 8C3

418 228-8151

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